The author of this article (When Does The Sabbath Begin? Morning or Evening?) observes Sunday. He believes that the first day of the week is the Sabbath. He also believes that a Biblical day begins in the morning and not at sunset. He feels that “Scripture does not specifically state when morning precisely begins…” He “concludes that the terminus a quo for the Sabbath is morning and that the morning of a new day most likely begins at midnight.” His conclusion is in line with the history of the denomination that he is affiliated with. While this is his official position, he recognizes and points out scriptures indicating that new days begin with the first light of morning. He writes: “The overwhelming testimony of Scripture supports the view that the terminus a quo for a new day is morning rather than evening…certain passages do identify the morning with the rising of the sun (1 Sam. 14:36; 1 Sam. 25:22,34,36; 2 Sam. 17:22; 23:4; 2 Kgs. 7:9; Jonah 4:7; Micah 2:1; Mk. 16:2).”  In addition, as you read the article the author lists other scriptures confirming the fact that new days begin with the first light of morning. 

   On the one hand I obviously disagree with some of the authors conclusions. On the other hand I have added this information because this is one of the better articles that I have read (and the best one by someone who does not observe the 7th day) showing that Biblical days do not begin at sunset.

   At the end of this article the author provides an appendix (Does the Sabbath Begin at Noon?) I found this to be interesting reading. The author looks at the notion of some people that a day begins at noon.